Comfortable Counts

Sorry its been a few days since I’ve written, real estate has gone crazy here in Raleigh!  Although I don’t have much time here today, I did want to mention something pretty important that I noticed this week that can be a major buzzkill when you’re selling your home.

Its been really HOT here the last few weeks.  Like – gross, icky, hard to think hot.  I went into a few homes that are on the market to shoot new photos and when I went inside it was like an oven!  I could not WAIT to get out of these houses, as I was glowing almost immediately (I don’t sweat…I glow).  Okay so I realize money is tight all over these days but come on people.  Its the hottest time of the year, your house is on the market, you NEED to make a good first impression and you turn the air conditioning off?  What’s going to happen when a buyer walks thru your front door only to feel like they’ve stepped into an oven?  They are going to turn around and leave, that’s whats going to happen.

Comfort counts people, and I’m not saying your house should be a chilly 72 when you aren’t home, but at least turn the AC on to about 76 – 78 so that your buyers stay a while.  After all, a buyer who walks in & out probobly isn’t going to be making an offer on your house.


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Hanging Pictures 101

My husband is 6’5 tall and in the old days before I trained him, he used to hang pictures WAY too high on the wall.   In my travels as a stager & photographer, I am often in a house that has its artwork hung way too high – regardless if a giant lives there or not.  So, here are a few rules for hanging artwork in your home.  Please feel free to pass this information on to your friends & clients.   Your neck will be happy you did so.  PS:  These same rules apply even if you have cathedral ceilings in a room.

Horizontal Art:   The middle of the picture should be about 61″ – 63″ from the floor.  If you are 5’6 tall that makes it easy because thats dead center eye level.

Think scale for large walls - bigger is better!

Vertical Art:  I shoot for the same 63″ middle, but sometimes you have to adjust.  If you have chair rail for example you need to center vertical artwork half way between the ceiling & the chair rail.  As such, the middle is going to be higher than normal.

Over Furniture:  The bottom of the art should be about 8 – 10 inches above the piece of furniture.  If you have tall people in your family & they hit their heads on it when they sit on the couch, scoot it up an inch or 2 but not much more.  For a fireplace, center the art between the ends of the mantle, and the same 8 – 10″ rule applies. 

Art is too high and too small for over a couch.

So, grab a tape meaasure (and spackle for the old holes) and start putting your art where it belongs 🙂

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Learning is supposed to be fun – right?

It was a lot easier learning new things when I was younger – maybe thats why we start school when we are 5.   For some of us (me included) learning new ways to do things can be an exercise in patience.  I mean really, why isnt what I learned years ago good enough – especially when it took me forEVER to learn those things?  Hrmph.  However, with ever changing technology and stuff,  I’ve had to hop on the “open your mind to new ideas” bandwagon.  Adaptation is key in both business and in life, and we all must move forward, or get left behind.  I think I’m going to opt for moving forward – I like a challenge.

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