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Hanging Pictures 101

My husband is 6’5 tall and in the old days before I trained him, he used to hang pictures WAY too high on the wall.   In my travels as a stager & photographer, I am often in a house that has its artwork hung way too high – regardless if a giant lives there or not.  So, here are a few rules for hanging artwork in your home.  Please feel free to pass this information on to your friends & clients.   Your neck will be happy you did so.  PS:  These same rules apply even if you have cathedral ceilings in a room.

Horizontal Art:   The middle of the picture should be about 61″ – 63″ from the floor.  If you are 5’6 tall that makes it easy because thats dead center eye level.

Think scale for large walls - bigger is better!

Vertical Art:  I shoot for the same 63″ middle, but sometimes you have to adjust.  If you have chair rail for example you need to center vertical artwork half way between the ceiling & the chair rail.  As such, the middle is going to be higher than normal.

Over Furniture:  The bottom of the art should be about 8 – 10 inches above the piece of furniture.  If you have tall people in your family & they hit their heads on it when they sit on the couch, scoot it up an inch or 2 but not much more.  For a fireplace, center the art between the ends of the mantle, and the same 8 – 10″ rule applies. 

Art is too high and too small for over a couch.

So, grab a tape meaasure (and spackle for the old holes) and start putting your art where it belongs 🙂


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